Watan Charity Clinics

Watan clinics were equipped in cooperation with IOM - International Organization for Migration  in 2017.
Information about what the clinics provide from health and medical services:
1- Watan Charity Clinics include:
- Child Clinics
- Women Clinics
- Internal Clinics (Internal)
- Ear nose clinics
- Dental Clinics
- Neurology clinics
-Orthopedic Clinics
With the lowest prices of LE 30 only.

2-  Receiving families of orphans in addition to medicines for free.

3- Medical transfers for all surgeries, labs, X-ray centers and outpatient clinics with discounts ranging from 30% up to 60%.

4-  Free medicines available in clinics free of charge for the vulnerable cases.

5-  Medical consultations to get the best results at the lowest possible cost.

Address :
Egypt - Giza - 6th of October City -Vodafone Square - Tiba Grand Mall

Daily except Fridays from 13:00 to 15:00.

For inquiries, please call: 

0090222266 0020-238838260 0020