Education Program


Education is considered as the most important part in societies development process, 

having a full concern about the educational process cannot be let on.

Hence, a group of people working in the Syrian refugee affairs in the Arab Republic of Egypt worked on establishing the educational centers.

Have taken upon themselves the responsibility of saving the Syrian child from the claws of ignorance that may be imposed by the circumstances of the war.

The education program has started in the beginning of 2012 as an urgent need for Syrian refugees in Egypt, providing more than 800 Syrian children in the main branch 6th of October and 450 children in Alexandria branch with formal education.

Watan educational centers use the Egyptian curricula in their teaching. In addition the centers try to add enriching subjects.



WATAN has the ability to respond to emergencies in the education sector, especially in places where there is a significant influx of displaced persons, and hard-to-reach areas with stationary requirements and essential educational needs.

WATAN continues to develop its education program by improving access to education and in 2017 aims to increase its support for more schools and scholarships for university students, as well as provide more specialized training for its staff.

WATAN's goals are to rebuild the Syrian society by developing the educational landscape and preparing professional and trained teachers for education, inspiration, learning and change. WATAN recognizes the building of the capacity of Syrian children through psychological and social support as vital importance.

WATAN Education program works strategically to achieve its objectives:

• Distinguished by a strong network of partners.

• A deep understanding of the society and its circumstances.

• Provide psychological support for children in schools through specialists in each institute.

• Provide training for all school staff to ensure high quality education.

• Provide summer programs and life skills activities.