Planning for the future for children and adolescents

Watan for Cultural and Social Development

In cooperation with Save the Children.

Provide a training course in human development and life skills under the title

"Planning for the future for children and adolescents"

Training Content:

- Knowledge of the most important life skills for youth and young people.

- How to prepare the technical training material for the training programs.

- How to do action plans and writing reports.

- Evaluation methods for each activity.

- Means of applying child protection policies in general and within their own activities.

- Rules of compliance in the application of plans, dates and work policies developed by the team.

- Training in the most important leadership skills and teamwork.

- Presentation skills, and dialogue management.

- Development of initiative and innovation

- Problem solving and crisis management methods.

Target group:
Males and females aged 20 and above.

A direct job opportunity for the first

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